Bible Truth Restored

Bible Truth Restored

If any man speak, let him speak as the oracles of God; if any man minister, let him do it as of the ability which God giveth: that God in all things may be glorified through Jesus Christ, to whom be praise and dominion for ever and ever. Amen.           1 Peter 4:11

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Previous Audio Lectures

From this page you will be able to access lectures given by our various speakers. The talks range in length but are generally 30-60 mins long, and will cover a wide range of subjects from the Bible.

The talks have been grouped by speaker and ordered by date to make them as easy as possible to locate.

NOTE: Now due to space constraints, we cannot fit all of the audio talks unto the website. The oldest talks will be taken down to make room for the latest talks. However, we still have these talks available via email. If you would like one of these older talks, simply let us know and will will send to you via email as soon as we can. (These files can be up to 15mb big so please be patient!).

Barry Hodson

Sunday AM, 17th January 2010 - The Church of Laodicea is rebuked     [email]

Sunday AM, 4th April 2010, Church of Laodicea continued...                [email]

Sunday PM, 4th April 2010 - The resurrection body                            [email]

Sunday PM, 15th August 2010 - Jesus will return                               [listen]

Sunday PM, 5th September 2010 - The gospel is the kingdom of God     [listen]

Sunday AM, 12th December 2010 - What is the cross of Christ about?   [listen]

Sunday AM, 19th December 2010 - Jesus fits the mould                      [listen]

Sunday AM, 16th January 2011 - The peace and life of the lake           [listen]

Sunday AM, 27th February 2011 - Hope for the future                        [listen]

Sunday PM, 27th February 2011 - Armageddon - where, when & why    [listen]

Sunday AM, 3rd April 2011 - Slain in the Spirit                                   [listen]

Sunday PM, 22 April 2011 - Resurrection in the Old Testament             [listen]

Sunday AM, 15th May 2011 - Bible Archaeology, Babylon and Ur           [listen]

Sunday AM, 12th June 2011 - Abraham and Archaeology                     [listen]

Sunday AM, 31st July 2011 - Bible Archaeology, Sodom and Gomorrah   [listen]

Sunday AM, 4th September 2011 - Bible Archaeology, Petra                [listen]

Sunday PM, 11th September 2011 - Jerusalem, a burdensome stone      [listen]

Sunday PM, 9th October 2011 - Jerusalem, a burdensome stone - pt 2  [listen]

Sunday AM, 16th October 2011 - Intro to the book of Timothy             [listen]

Sunday AM, 30th October 2011 - Biblical Archaeology - Joseph            [listen]

Sunday PM, 15th April 2012 - Jesus' second coming                           [listen]

Sunday PM, 20th May 2012 - Zechariah 12 v 10                                [listen]

Sunday PM, 12th August 2012 - The final Gathering of the nations for Armageddon    [listen]

Sunday PM, 26th August 2012 - Endtime prophecy                                                  [listen]

Sunday AM, 28th October 2012 - The miracle of birth                                               [listen]

Sunday AM, 13th January 2013 - The amazing witness of Israel in Bible prophecy        [listen]

Sunday AM, 17th February 2013 -  What does God want from man                            [listen]

Sunday PM, 17th March 2013 - God rules over the nations                                        [listen]

Sunday PM, 26th May 2013 - The dead sea scrolls                                                    [listen]

Sunday PM, 01st September 2013 - Sodom and Gomorrah                                        [listen]

Sunday AM, 29th September 2013 - Lessons from Lot                                              [listen]

Sunday AM, 22nd December 2013 - Christ in the real Xmas                                        [listen]

Sunday PM, 22nd December 2013 - Tutankhamun's tomb

and the truth of the Bible                                                                                        [listen]

Sunday AM, 12th January 2014 - Putting the CRC into Perspective-Part 1                    [listen]

John Aldersley

Sunday PM, 31st January 2010 - Hosea 7 and the sin of Israel             [email]

Sunday AM, 14th February 2010 - Hosea 7 continued...                      [email]

Sunday PM, 21st February 2010 - Hosea 7 continued...                      [email]

Sunday PM, 28th March 2010 - Are the British Israelites?                    [listen]

Sunday AM, 25th April 2010 - Understanding the universe                   [listen]

Sunday PM, 9th May 2010 - Failure through compromise                     [listen]

Sunday AM, 6th June 2010 - Live today                                           [listen]

Sunday PM, 6th June 2010 - Hosea 7 continued...                             [listen]

Sunday PM, 4th July 2010 - The eagle of Judgement                          [listen]

Sunday AM, 18th July 2010 - Jesus, Bread from Heaven                      [listen]

Sunday PM, 1st August 2010 Depression, cause and cure                    [listen]

Sunday AM, 29th August 2010 - How do we come to God?                  [listen]

Sunday PM, 10th October 2010 - Israel has cast off good                   [listen]

Sunday PM, 21st November 2010 - Hosea 8 continued...                     [listen]

Sunday PM, 19th December 2011 - Hosea 8 continued...                     [listen]

Sunday AM, 30th January 2011 - Loving the truth God has given us      [listen]

Sunday AM, 13th February 2011 - Exodus gleanings                           [listen]

Sunday AM, 13th March 2011 - Prayer                                             [listen]

Sunday PM, 20th March 2011 - The word of the Lord endures forever    [listen]

Sunday AM, 10th April 2011 - Eccesiastes 12, Age and youth              [listen]

Sunday AM, 5th June 2011 - Diary of Baptisms in China                       [listen]

Sunday AM, 26th June 2011 - The wonder of the mind                        [listen]

Sunday PM, 10th July 2011 - Where did we go wrong?                        [listen]

Sunday AM, 14th August 2011 - Job - Bless or Curse?                        [listen]

Sunday PM, 21st August 2011 - Touch of the Masters hand                [listen]

Sunday PM, 18th September 2011 - God is great                               [listen]

Sunday AM, 2nd October 2011 - God is at work                                 [listen]

Sunday PM, 16th October 2011 - Hosea 8 - Many altars to sin             [listen]

Sunday AM, 22nd January 2012 - The power of one                           [listen]

Sunday PM, 29th January 2012 - Happy to be adopted                       [listen]

Sunday AM, 1st April 2012 - The Kingdom of God on Earth                 [listen]

Sunday AM, 29th April 2012 - Becoming as little children                     [listen]

Sunday PM, 29th April 2012 - Rejoice not in your sin                          [listen]

Sunday PM, 3rd June 2012 - Evidence that demands a verdict             [listen]

Sunday PM 16th September 2012 - The oneness of God a refutation of the trinity      [listen]

Sunday PM 03rd March 2013 - Church leadership                                                     [listen]

Sunday AM 17th March 2013 - Agape love                                                              [listen]

Sunday PM 07th April 2013 - The works of faith                                                      [listen]

Sunday PM 12th May 2013 - The beauty of his ornament                                          [listen]

Sunday AM 19th May 2013 -The importance of truth                                                [listen]

Sunday AM 25th Aug 2013 - Sin                                                                            [listen]

Sunday AM 13th Oct 2013 - The Power of the mind                                                  [listen]

Sunday PM 13th Oct 2013 - How to Study the Bible                                                  [listen]

Sunday AM 03rd Nov 2013 - China mission trip report                                              [listen]

Sunday PM 01st Dec 2013 - Biblical Praise                                                               [listen]

Sunday PM 05th Jan 2014 - New Beginnings a new year's message                           [listen]


John McIver

Sunday AM, 24th January 2010 - Psalm 1 and resurrection                  [email]

Sunday AM, 28th February 2010 - Psalm 1 continued...                      [email]

Sunday AM, 1st August 2010 - The derision of God                            [listen]

Sunday AM, 10th October 2010 - Psalms 2 continued...                      [listen]

Sunday PM, 14th November 2010 - Sermon on the mount                    [listen]

Sunday PM, 12th December 2010 - The beautitutes continued...          [listen]

Sunday PM, 6th March 2011 - The meek shall inherit the earth             [listen]

Sunday AM, 27th March 2011 - Psalm 2 cont...                                 [listen]

Sunday PM, 10th April 2011 - Blessed are those who hunger                [listen]

Sunday AM, 1st May 2011 - Psalms 2 cont...                                    [listen]

Sunday PM, 5th June 2011 - Blessed are the pure in heart                   [listen]

Sunday AM, 10th July 2011 - Psalm 3                                              [listen]

Sunday PM, 24th July 2011 - Blessed are the peacemakers                  [listen]

Sunday PM, 13th November 2011 - Salt and light                               [listen]

Sunday AM 24th June 2012 - Dedication to God                                 [listen]

Sunady AM 23th Septembe 2012 - Psalm 3                                         [listen]

Sunday PM 10th January 2013 - Matthew chapter 5                             [listen]

Sunday AM 28th April 2013 - Psalm 4 part1                                        [listen]

Sunday PM 19th May 2013 - The sermon on the mount cont                 [listen]

Sunday AM 09th June 2013 - Psalm 4 part 2                                       [listen]

Sunday AM 24th November 2013 - Psalm 5 part 2                               [listen]


Allen Toms

Sunday AM, 21st February 2010 - John 5                                         [email]

Sunday PM, 28th February 2010 - Character of Isaac                         [email]

Sunday AM, 9th May 2010 - Gospels continued...                              [listen]

Sunday AM, 13th June 2010 - Gospels continued...                            [listen]

Sunday AM, 21st November 2010 - Gospels continued...                     [listen]

Sunday AM, 6th February 2011 - The gospels continued...                  [listen]

Sunday AM, 20th March 2011 - Facing the crisis of life and death         [listen]

Sunday PM, 27th March 2011 - Jesus' death                                     [listen]

Sunday PM, 17th April 2011 - Events surrounding Christ's burial            [listen]

Sunday PM, 22nd April 2011 - Jesus raises from the dead                    [listen]

Sunday AM, 8th May 2011 - Jesus, the firstborn from the dead            [listen]

Sunday PM, 12th June 2011 - The first day of the resurrection             [listen]

Sunday AM, 3rd July 2011 - The sinner woman annoits Jesus' feet        [listen]

Sunday PM, 17th July 2011 - Who will believe Jesus is risen                 [listen]

Sunday AM, 28th August 2011 - Matthew Chapter 12                         [listen]

Sunday PM, 25th September 2011 - The genealogy of Jesus                [listen]

Sunday AM, 9th October 2011 - The Gospels continued - True family    [listen]

Sunday PM, 23rd October 2011 - The times and seasons of God           [listen]

Sunday AM, 4th December 2011 - Parable of the seed and the ground   [listen]

Sunday AM, 5th February 2012 - The people need to pay attention      [listen]

Sunday AM, 3rd June 2012 - The Gedarene maniac                            [listen]

Sunday PM 17th June 2012 - Geneology of Jesus                              [listen]


Kevin McIntosh

Sunday AM, 14th February 2010 - The Armour of God                         [listen]

Sunday AM, 9th January 2011 - The Armour of God cont...                  [listen]

Sunday AM, 13th February 2011 - The Armour of God cont...               [listen]

Sunday AM, 23rd October 2011 - Negating negativity in our lives          [listen]

Sunday AM, 8th April 2012 - Easter Theme                                       [listen]

Sunday AM, 26th January 2014 - Wisdom of God                                [listen]



Mike Fermor

Sunday AM, 7th February 2010 - Jesus is better                                [email]

Sunday AM, 21st March 2010 - Matthew 21                                     [listen]

Sunday AM, 30th May 2010 - The Lord's Prayer                                 [listen]

Sunday AM, 4th July 2010 - Matthew 27                                          [listen]

Sunday AM, 24th October 2010 - 1 Corinthians 12                             [listen]

Sunday AM, 6th March 2011 - The curse of indifference                      [listen]

Sunday AM, 3rd April 2011 - Mary and Lazarus                                  [listen]

Sunday AM, 29th May 2011 - Be not deceived by false Christs             [listen]

Sunday PM, 3rd July 2011 - Introduction to the book of Revelation       [listen]

Sunday AM, 7th August 2011 - The balance sheet of life                     [listen]

Sunday AM, 18th September 2011 - The balance sheet of life - pt 2     [listen]

Sunday AM, 8th January 2012 - Being a doer of the word                    [listen]

Sunday AM, 22nd April 2012 - The Apostle Paul                                 [listen]

Sunday AM, 15th Dec 2013 - Life teaches us God is a great God          [listen]


Henry Sergent

Sunday AM, 28th March 2010 - Righteous Lot                                   [listen]

Sunday PM, 25th April 2010 - Did God make a mistake choosing us?      [listen]

Sunday PM, 27th June 2010 - Brokenness, God's purpose                    [listen]

Sunday AM, 8th August 2010 - Justification                                      [listen]

Sunday AM, 17th October 2010 - John 9, The Blind man                      [listen]

Sunday PM, 28th November 2010 - Ephesians 1                                 [listen]

Sunday PM, 6th February 2011 - What does God think thinking of you   [listen]

Sunday PM, 13th March 2011 - Who moved the stone                        [listen]

Sunday PM, 15th May 2011 - Preaching through adversity                   [listen]

Sunday PM, 19th June 2011 - Elijah's encounter with false prophets      [listen]

Sunday AM, 17th July 2011 - The coming spirit                                  [listen]

Sunday PM, 7th August 2011 - The eternal purpose of God                  [listen]

Sunday AM, 11th September 2011 - The Colossians prayer                  [listen]

Sunday AM, 1st January 2012 - Dedication                                       [listen]

Sunday AM, 26th February 2012 - Living the extraordinary life - Prayer  [listen]

Sunday AM, 15th April 2012 - 1 King 17 - Elijah                                 [listen]


Ross Fitness

Sunday AM, 11th April 2010 - Overcoming depression God's way           [listen]

Sunday AM, 15th August 2010 - Strength in God                               [listen]

Sunday PM, 3rd October 2010 - Earthquakes and end-time signs          [listen]

Sunday AM, 17th April 2011 - Love                                                 [listen]

Sunday PM, 29th May 2011 - God, fact not fiction                             [listen]

Sunday AM, 19th June 2011 - The love of God - part 2                       [listen]

Sunday AM, 21st August 2011 - Trees in the Bible                             [listen]

Sunday AM, 27th November 2011 - The Fruit of the Spirit - Love          [listen]

Sunday AM, 29th January 2012 - The Spirit of the Spirit - Love cont...  [listen]

Sunday AM, 27th May 2012 - The 3rd Jewish Temple                          [listen]

Sunday AM, 5th Jan 2014 - Peace - Fruit of the spirit                          [listen]


Toby Rison

Sunday AM, 5th September 2010 - From there to here to eternity        [listen]

Sunday AM, 28th November 2010 - Trip to Latvia                              [listen]


Mock Debate

Sunday AM, 24th July 2011 - Does Bible teach devil is fallen angel        [listen]

Sunday AM, 20th November 2012 - Is the trinity taught in the Bible      [listen]

Last Bulletin

Despite the essential severity of some of the Master’s rebukes, they were still given with a completely sympathetic approach consistent with his knowledge of the weakness of the vessels he was dealing with. “Resist the devil, and he will flee from you...